Different models of elementary marimbas are available to order. They are constructed after an order has been placed and 1/2 payment up front might be necessary for larger orders. They are diatonic and are supplied with F# and Bb bars to accompany a larger category of written elementary marimba music. Available are:

Soprano Junior   (C4 to C6)      $750

w/stand                                 $1,000

Soprano             (C4 to C6)    $1,000

The Soprano Plus! (C4 to F#6) $1,250

The Soprano Pulse! (F3 to C6) $1,650

The Soprano Prime! (F3 to F6) $2,000

The Tenor (C3 to C5) $1,650

The Baritone (G2 to G4) $1,850

The Boom Bass (C2 to D3) $2,150

All taxes and any required shipping is not included in the price. If the shipping address is in Washington State, you may be eligible for free delivery. Contact us for more details. Pictured to the left are the Soprano Plus! Mallets should be purchased at www.westmusic.com and are not provided. All frames are constructed from solid oak, maple, or whatever hardwoods might be available.

Elementary students love to play marimbas!!!!!!!

Soprano Junior. Has handles on either end. Solid construction. Stand available for $250.00

Soprano Plus!

Tenor. Transports very well.

The baritone is built solid and strong. Bars made from Sapele.  This instrument really fills the ensemble 

This boom bass delivers the low end. Bars made from ash or cherry. Comes with buzzers upon request.